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How Artificial Intelligence Is Transforming the Customer Journey

Leveraging AI to increase personalization has a tremendous impact on the traditional customer journey. Here’s how AI helps make your customer journey actionable.

With personalization being at the core of any up to date B2C marketing activity, how do you make sure that your really meet the individual requirements of each of your customers? Are you certain your brand is speaking their language? 

While Artificial Intelligence helps to cope with such challenges, it is also transforming the traditional customer journey – here is how:

AI makes your customer journey actionable

Marketers can orchestrate a campaign journey that maps different stages of the customer journey to personalized interactive experiences through online and offline engagement channels. Marketers can engage customers at each touchpoint, help them discover products, collect feedback, and build loyalty.

By capturing a customer’s demographics, intents, behaviors, product interactions, and actions at every touchpoint along the journey, we can construct a comprehensive view of a customer. This customer profile acts as a foundation to serve personalized content, recommend more items, and predict their intents in the future.

AI assists in capturing and processing customer data as well as automating marketing actions based on the data captured. Just imagine being asked for your personal details, such as name and email, by a chatbot on an e-commerce website. An AI engine will combine them with your browsing history and email you personalized product recommendations automatically. That is called acting upon a customer’s explicit intent.

Modeling predictive intents from a customer journey

AI can be continuously learning and adapting to the latest customer context, which can radically transform how a marketer engages with them by assisting them with timely predictions and surfacing hidden intents from the sum total of all customers behaviors. For instance, a customer’s level of interest can be predicted in a few different scenarios:

  1. Based on customers’ historical behavior and the Communication Archetypes that behavior fits, AI can pick the content that resonates best with the customers and drives their decision-making towards the desired goal.
  2. AI can enrich the customers historical behavioral data with some third-party demographic data to find shared behavioral traits among a certain group of people. Once done, AI can look for lookalike audiences and drive them through the same customer journey that has already worked successfully for customers sharing their demographics and behavior. 

Leveraging AI to increase personalization has a tremendous impact on the traditional customer journey. With AI, you are making sure that your marketing massages are tailored to your customers’ individual needs and targeted directly to them. That makes it easier for them to notice your products or offerings and increases the likelihood of purchase.