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Mergers & Acquisitions Update, December 2020

Our summary of the M&A updates in the fields of AI, CDP and MarTech.

Twillio Acquires Segment

  • Twilio acquired Segment, a leading customer data platform (CDP) for $3.2B.
  • The deal underscores how Twilio is moving deeper into customer engagement services, both for marketing data and other purposes (putting it into closer competition with the likes of Adobe).
  • As the leading customer data platform, Segment enables developers to unify customer data from every customer touchpoint, and empowers marketing, sales, and customer service leaders with the insights they need to design and build relevant, data-driven customer engagement. A combined Twilio and Segment means Twilio can help any business make their customer engagement across every channel more personalized, timely, and impactful.

Why are we tracking this? One of many growth avenues we see for Genus AI platform is integrations with CDPs like Segment. Genus AI is well placed to provide a significant value to marketing teams by leveraging CDP data and recommending insights into how to maximize company’s return on marketing investment.

Adobe Acquires Workfront

  • Adobe announced its acquisition of the collaboration tool Workfront for $1.5B. The acquisition is Adobe’s biggest effort to reorient its Experience Cloud division, which includes marketing, advertising and analytics software, toward areas that are growing.
  • The acquisition gives Adobe more online marketing tooling to fit into its Experience Cloud. Workfront is focused on marketers, who use the software every day to manage content, plan and track marketing campaigns and execute complex workflows across teams.
  • Workfront’s customers include Home Depot, T-Mobile and Deloitte, and the two companies share 1,000 common customers among Workfront’s 3,000 total customer base

Why are we tracking this? Satisfying B2B and B2C customers today requires large volumes of content and personalized marketing campaigns delivered at lightning speed and scale. Genus AI helps marketing teams to reduce this complexity by providing insight into which customers to focus on and what content to display for different customer personality types to achieve their business goals.

Facebook Buys Kustomer

  • Facebook bought Kustomer, a startup that specializes in customer-service platforms and chatbots, part of an effort by the social-media giant to help companies use its platforms to do business, for $1B.
  • By bringing Kustomer into the fold, Facebook will provide small businesses that use its service to advertise and sell goods more features to close sales through the social network’s services. This should seemingly lead these businesses to spend more on Facebook advertisements.

Why are we tracking this? Genus AI supports a range of e-commerce brands by identifying the most effective ways to engage their customers on social media and drive company’s growth. With Facebook facilitating more customer-facing activities, such as customer support, we can reasonably expect that a growing proportion of sales will be made on one of Facebook’s platforms which could encourage more social media ad spend as a result.

ServiceNow Is Acquiring Element AI

  • ServiceNow, the cloud-based IT services company, has acquired Element AI to fill out its longer-term strategy to be a big player in the worlds of automation and artificial intelligence for enterprises for approx. $500M. ServiceNow is making a full acquisition and will retain most of Element AI’s technical talent, including AI scientists and practitioners, but it will be winding down its existing business after integrating what it wants and needs.
  • Element AI’s aim was to build and provision AI-based IT services for enterprises, in many cases organizations that are not technology companies by nature.

Why are we tracking this? Genus AI clients usually are not pure technology companies that are not able to afford a world- class data science team in-house. As more marketing teams will be looking to expand their toolkit with AI capabilities, Genus AI will be well positioned to meet their needs at a small fraction of a cost compared to bringing these activities in-house.

Logiq Completes Acquisition of Fixel AI

  • Logiq, Inc., a global provider of award-winning eCommerce and Fintech solutions, has completed its previously announced plan to acquire Fixel AI, an AI-powered digital marketing technology provider for an undisclosed amount.
  • Fixel automatically processes and analyzes user interactions in real-time on an eCommerce or brand website. Its automatic scoring system helps marketing teams identify audiences with high purchase intent even when this is not readily revealed by their on-site activity, like simply adding an item to a cart.

Why are we tracking this? Fixel AI, similarly to Genus AI, leverages customer data to drive customer acquisition through digital marketing channels. This acquisition could indicate that eCommerce platforms are looking to provide additional value to their clients by bringing intelligent customer engagement tools in- house.