Boosting Social Acquisition Campaigns with AI Content Scoring

With Artificial Intelligence being available to every digital marketer, there is no excuse to continue running the old fashioned, “be the loudest in the crowd” style social campaigns.

Hardly any consumer brand can be successful without any presence on social networks. Every digital marketer knows how powerful social networks are when it comes to organic or paid brand representation, product promotion and consumer engagement.

Marketers were quick to crystalize their social content and tactics leveraging various A/B testing practices and basic campaign performance analytics. However, such an approach has shaped social marketing towards becoming a one-way communication that attempts to capture the consumer’s attention by any means and, as a result, creates lots of noise in the consumer feed.

Fast forward to today. With Artificial Intelligence being available to every digital marketer, there is no excuse to continue running the old fashioned, “be the loudest in the crowd” style social campaigns.

The AI technology helps marketers with the following tasks:

  • Advanced, emotionally intelligent customer segmentation and archetyping
  • Customer journey optimization
  • Smart content development

Generating Social Content that Works

We already discussed customer archetyping and customer journey optimization, so let’s look at another group of insights an AI-powered Customer Growth Platform can generate. We are talking about the content scoring capability, which can be used to develop content that resonates well on the individual level.

Every consumer has a favorite color and different approaches to engagement: some may describe an offer as being too aggressive, while offers will like it considering it to be straight to the point. What consumers like and what they do not like often depends on which Communication Archetype they belong to.

Content Scoring, one of the Genus AI Growth Platform’s features, allows marketers identify winning ad creatives before they are launched.

In practical terms, a content scoring activity might reveal that an image prepared for a social campaign better suits a single Communication Archetype. If customers in your target segment belong to this Archetype, then your content is ready for deployment. If they belong to one of the five other Communication Archetypes, then you should review your content.

In addition to helping marketers to do parallel storytelling to different Archetypes. AI is also able to match your existing content to existing audiences greatly improving their performance.

Using AI to Improve Revenue through Social Media Advertising

One of Genus AI clients, a luxury multi-brand fashion house operating several physical boutiques and an online store, famous for its exclusive collaborations with many luxury brands, was looking for an emotionally intelligent way to build prospecting campaigns on Paid Social channels. Their lookalike audiences of past purchases were not matched with the right ad content and, therefore, left room for optimization.

The retailer used the Genus AI Customer Modeling Platform to identify the Communication Archetypes of their highest AOV customers. New customer segments defined by AI models and Archetypes were used for custom audience creation and content matching on paid social channels such as Facebook and Instagram.

After enriching the client’s existing customer data and running AI algorithms to analyze it, it became evident that the client’s most desirable customers had a dominant Archetype which required specific communication to achieve efficient engagement.

The client was able to create better lookalike audiences as well as match them with appropriate scored content for more efficient prospecting.

As a result, The client was able to create better lookalike audiences as well as match them with appropriate content for more efficient prospecting achieving a 82% decrease in CPA costs, 124% increase in ROAS and overall 132% improvement on revenue.

How to Start Using AI to Optimize Social Campaigns?

To start leveraging advanced AI-powered capabilities in your social marketing, sign up for your free Genus AI account. Start using our platform for advanced customer modeling and your campaign content scoring.

If you are still uncertain, download the Marketer’s Artificial Intelligence Playbook and deep dive into AI’s impact on a marketing strategy and explore a detailed step-by-step checklist for AI’s adoption.

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