Engagement-Boosting AI Increases Brand’s AOV by 167%

How do you stay ahead of your competition when you and all your competitors are using similar tactics and similar channels to approach the same audience? The answer lies with AI.

Advancements in marketing technology and data management allowed brand marketers to leverage numerous personalization techniques. From using customer personal data to personalized messages, to adapting campaign delivery based on customer interactions – personalization soon became a standard practice used by marketing teams to gain the leading edge over their competitors.

However, how do you stay ahead of your competition when you and all your competitors are using similar tactics and similar channels to approach the same audience? The answer lies with AI, which has enabled the shift from personalization to individualization.

AI helps marketers stand out by individualizing their campaign content. By using a Customer Growth Platform, such as Genus AI, to learn who your customers are, you will be able to leverage the so-called Communication Archetypes to individualize your content.

With the help of AI you may learn that the dominant group of your customers are analytical, balanced and independent, and can be defined by the Reliable Plan Maker Archetype.

However, you may also notice that your customers with the highest average order value fall outside the dominant group and form 12% of your consumer database who are defined as Experimental Fun Seekers, people who tend to be high in energy and positivity and eager to explore new things.

Provided with such (or similar) AI-generated insights, marketers are able to review their customer segmentation, campaign messaging and creatives, and adjust them to their customers’ needs. Such insights enable marketers to bring their campaign personalization to the individual level by suggesting words, phrases, colors and objects that resonate with each of your customers best.

In fact, one of Genus AI customers used the Genus AI Customer Modeling Platform to build emotionally intelligent LTV and AOV models helping to identify underperforming existing customer audiences for direct engagement and echoed tremendous success.

The client’s marketing team optimized their email campaigns by delivering adjusted content and messaging to the underperforming LTV customer segment. This resulted in 131% increase in open rates, 161% increase in bidders and 167% increase in AOV. This led to an increase of 270% in the value generated by the emotionally intelligent engagement campaigns.

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