Genus AI Launches Emotionally Intelligent Growth Platform for Brands at #AW2020

The Genus AI Growth Platform uses advancements in customer modeling and content evaluation, paving the way for AI-powered marketing optimization and emotionally intelligent communications at scale

  • The Genus AI Growth Platform uses advancements in content evaluation and customer modeling, paving the way for AI-powered marketing optimization and emotionally intelligent communications at scale
  • Leading D2C brands such as Hunt a Killer use the Growth Platform to enable its marketing team to identify the best performing ad creatives prior to launching their campaigns, slashing A/B testing resources and time
  • Find the Genus AI Masterclass on demand during and after Advertising Week 2020 to learn how growth marketers are harnessing AI capabilities

Advertising Week 2020 (#AW2020), New York, October 8 – Genus AI, an artificial intelligence company focused on scaling emotional intelligence in interactions between brands and customers to drive business growth, today announced a new Artificial Intelligence (AI) solution for e-commerce and direct-to-consumer brands, the Genus AI Growth Platform, which represents a breakthrough in the way marketers segment their customers and develop their campaign content.

With a suite of AI-powered digital tools, the Growth Platform creates superior customer model, segmentation and specific content evaluation for increased campaign conversions and ROAS.

“After years of working with the world’s leading direct-to-consumer brands, we see that it is easy to scale the number of interactions but still very hard to scale the quality of these interactions to drive efficient growth,” said Dr. Tadas Jucikas, CEO, Genus AI. “Our new Growth Platform is designed to provide a seamless integration of enriched customer data enabling brands to select the most impactful content from their vast content libraries where the platform manages multiple digital advertising campaigns. During the pandemic our technology has provided a much needed competitive advantage to brands and opened the door to one-to-one emotional intelligence at scale.”

The Genus AI Growth Platform includes:

  • Customer Data Enrichment & Archetyping – it adds thousands of data points to existing customer data and assigns communication archetypes to segment customers based on how they respond to new information.
  • No-coding Customer Modeling – allows any team member to build predictive models without coding capabilities to leverage the most recent advancements in machine learning.
  • Visual Content Scoring & Matching – evaluate thousands of ad creatives at a click of a button and identify which creatives will have the highest appeal to the general audience and will be a good match for a selected customer segment.

One of the direct to consumer brands successfully adopting the Genus AI Growth Platform is Hunt a Killer, a popular monthly subscription gaming company.

“Doubling our ROAS just by being able to identify the best performing ad creatives out of thousands of user-generated content pieces is a tremendous success for us,” said Ryan Sandrew, Director of Customer Acquisition, Hunt a Killer. “Social media is key to our customer acquisition and we rely on advanced A/B testing to work out the best performing ad creatives. Using the Genus AI Growth Platform, we are able to achieve better campaign performance, quicker.”

Genus AI is a venture backed technology startup headquartered in San Francisco. The company operates a leading artificial intelligence technology hub in Vilnius, Lithuania, where it has gathered a team of Europe’s leading experts in the fields of mathematics, data science and machine learning.

Genus AI has raised $5M to date from leading Venture Capital and Angel investors in Europe and the US such as Picus Capital, Transamerica Ventures, Maschmeyer Group Ventures, HDI and others.

The company has been recognized as an AI leader in the space and has recently participated in leading accelerator programs such as Stanford’s StartX and New York’s FinTech Innovation Lab and others.

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