Unique Designs for Every Brand and Category

Introducing a feature allowing for unique, unlimited designs tailored to every brand and category in your product catalog. With brand-specific templates, category-focused messaging, easy promotional updates, and tailored pricing strategies, you can continuously enhance your creative without leaving Genus AI. Transform your catalog ads and elevate your marketing with our latest innovation.

There’s a transformative wave sweeping across the e-commerce and retail marketing technology landscape. It’s reshaping the way brands create, manage, and optimize their product catalog creatives. This wave comes in the form of a game-changing feature launched by Genus AI.

For too long, brands have been tied down by the constraints of a ‘one size fits all’ approach to catalog creative designs. But what if we told you that’s no longer the case? That’s right, with Genus AI’s newest catalog creative automation feature, you can now create unlimited, bespoke designs for specific categories, brands, or keywords within your product feed.

Bidding Goodbye to the Generic

No longer are you limited to one generic design across your entire feed. With Genus AI, you can now create designs that specifically cater to different aspects of your product portfolio. This includes image style flexibility, brand-specific templates, category-specific messaging, seasonal or promo adjustments, and pricing strategies.

Image Style Flexibility

This feature enables you to tailor the layout to suit each product image, enhancing the quality and engagement of your creatives. By doing so, your designs can specifically cater to the look and feel of each product, leading to higher quality creative and ultimately better audience engagement.

Brand-Specific Templates

Highlight individual brands within your catalog with unique template designs, spotlighting their name or logo for distinct recognition. This allows you to differentiate each brand within your portfolio, enhancing brand visibility and recognition.

Category-Specific Messaging

Emphasize unique value propositions for different product categories, shifting from generic messages to more targeted advertising. This can help you to connect with your audience more effectively by delivering messages that resonate specifically with them.

Seasonal or Promo Adjustments

You can easily update creative for promotional periods and effortlessly revert back to the regular design once the promotion ends, all without having to step into the different Ads Managers. This gives you the flexibility to maintain dynamic advertising efforts, keeping your content fresh and relevant to your audience.

Pricing Strategies

Tailor different creative strategies for products at varying price points. Highlight flexible payment options for higher-priced items to foster conversions, and spotlight low base prices for less expensive products. This ensures that your advertising efforts are as optimized as possible to drive conversions and sales.

Seamless Integration

The best part? All you need to do is upload your Genus AI feed into the Catalog or Commerce Manager once, and you’ll be able to continuously update and manage your creative without ever leaving Genus AI. You can even revamp your LIVE product ads at any time, without impacting performance.

With Genus AI’s revolutionary feature, you can transform your catalog ads and optimize your creative across your entire product catalog. It’s time to take your product marketing efforts to new heights.

Are you ready to step into the future of catalog creative design? Get in touch with Genus AI today and supercharge your product catalog with this groundbreaking feature. Drop us an email to learn more or sign up for a free trial here.

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