Leveraging AI to Develop Creatives that Perform

About Figma

Figma is a web-based vector graphics editor and prototyping tool, which is valued by creative and marketing teams due to its real-time collaboration features. 

Genus AI
helps Figma designers save time:

Identifying Successful Designs

Designers use the Genus AI Content Scoring Plugin for Figma to tell how appealing their creatives are going to be towards the general audience:
  • The General Appeal score shows the likelihood for the frame used as an ad to generate likes, shares or comments by customers.

  • All the insights are instantly delivered straight on the canvas, therefore there is no need to leave Figma.

Understanding the Target Audience

The Genus AI Plugin for Figma benefits content designers by letting them know what personality traits their designs suit best.
  • Consumers have personal preferences. To understand them, the Plugin provides a Customer Archetype to each creative.

  • Targeting an audience?
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Genus AI is the world’s first no-coding Customer Modeling Platform for emotional intelligence used by brands to optimize acquisition, engagement and retention in a completely new and authentic way with its extensive customer data enrichment, no-coding Customer Modeling, Customer Archetyping and automatic content scoring for emotionally intelligent storytelling at scale.