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Generate High-Performance Videos to Exceed Your Business Goals

- Trying to figure out how to create videos at scale?
- Use Genus AI video ad generator tool to save time.
- Select only the top performers for your testing campaigns.

Create a video in 3 simple steps


Upload core assets: product photos, video clips, logos, define video formats and video duration

Let our Artificial Intelligence auto-generate your video within minutes and use predictive ratings to uncover the top performers. 

Pick the top performing video ads from the selection of 12 variations on our video platform to launch your campaigns!

Save Time

Create hundreds of high performance videos within minutes. Scale your creative process.

Save Budget

Avoid costly A/B testing. Use our CTR & Ad Appeal scores to eliminate the lowest ranking videos.


Generate content, rank it and launch - all within the Genus AI Growth Marketing Platform.

We are very happy about the consistency, which really stands out when you look at the Genus AI-powered campaigns. All of them exceeded 3x ROAS at a very similar CPA, which is never the case when we run various tests ourselves or use other AI marketing solutions.

Sunday Citizen team leveraged the Genus AI Growth Platform to predict their ad content performance and match that content to their lookalike audience segmented by Archetypes. As a result they decreased their CPA by 26% and achieved a 15% ROAS increase.

Doubling our ROAS just by being able to identify the best performing ad creatives out of thousands of user-generated content pieces is a tremendous success for us. With Genus AI, we are able to achieve better campaign performance, quicker.

The Genus AI Growth Platform evaluated 10,000+ user-generated Instagram posts, identifying top performing UGC scored and bucketed by user acquisition cost and high engagement.

No sales calls. No fees for 7 days.

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A Smarter Type Of Ad Is Already Here, But How Can We Make The Most Of Ethical, AI Marketing?

Machine learning marketing tools are gaining traction amongst larger brands, however, the focus has been on audience segmentation. It is only recently that technology advanced enough to start pushing the boundaries in content generation.

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