The World's First No-Coding Growth Platform for Emotional Intelligence at Scale

Brands use the Genus AI Growth Platform to optimize acquisition, engagement and retention in a completely new and authentic way with its extensive customer data enrichment, no-coding Customer Modeling, Customer Archetyping and automatic content scoring for emotionally intelligent storytelling at scale.

Data Enrichment Report

Your customer data may be coming in from a number of different sources such as your website, app and even retail locations. However, most of the time this data is limited and it does not tell you who your customers are as people and why they buy your products.

This is where Genus AI steps in.

The Genus AI Growth Platform matches your customer data with thousands of external data points to help contextualize desired customer behavior. On top of that, our Emotionally Intelligent AI engine creates insights about customer dispositions, their needs and values to create robust Archetypes classifying your customers in a completely novel but actionable way.

Emotionally Intelligent Machine Learning

More data does not equal actionable insights. Once the data is at your fingertips you still need to spend considerable time and resources to build machine learning models. However, data science is time consuming and costly.

This is where Genus AI steps in.

The Genus AI Growth Platform builds predictive models for you without any coding. Anyone can be a data scientist and prototype new predictive models specific to your brand’s needs. Once initiated the Genus AI Platform runs hundreds of predictive models and picks ones that score best on the data samples you provided. Once our models are built, you can score all new customer data and re-train them any time as you grow as a business.

Smart Content Scoring

Better customer insights, segmentation and targeting are a very important part of the puzzle. But to be truly emotionally intelligent you have to be able to also communicate with your customers in an emotionally intelligent way. However, how can you tell which communication style each customer prefers?

This is where Genus AI steps in.

In addition to our data enrichment and no-coding customer modeling, the Genus AI Growth Platform also provides you with insights into the effectiveness of your marketing content and creatives.

Using our Content Scoring AI capabilities, you are able to score any type of digital content: from an ad that you run on social media to an email that you send to your clients to the hero image on your website.

By analyzing existing images and language, the Platform quickly and effortlessly identifies which Communication Archetypes your content best resonates with and provides recommendations on any changes that your content might need depending on the goal of your campaign.

Genus AI Communication Archetypes

  • Experimental Fun Seekers
  • Open Simplicity Seekers
  • Reliable Plan Makers
  • Reactive Security Seekers
  • Traditional Comfort Seekers
  • Organized Social Contributors

Experimental Fun Seekers

High in energy and positivity, as well as being eager to explore, these social animals are unlikely to be found anywhere sedate. Consumers in this archetype are attracted to beauty, intellectual stimulation, and social activities equally. These individuals believe in a well-rounded life, mixing experiences from a variety of areas and always looking for opportunities to share those experiences with others. They approach life with assertiveness, creativity, and confidence, never shying away and rarely trading new experiences for habit.

Archetype Affinity:

Customers who belong to the Experimental Fun Seeker Archetype are higher spenders who are usually associated with higher LTV and AOV. They are perfect for luxury and fashion products. They are not as motivated by a deal or incentivized by sales or deep discounts and instead they appreciate exclusive experiences and access to newly launched products. These are your original early adopters and influencers. They are the most likely to find out about a new brand early on, as they are constantly seeking out what is new and avant-garde.

Open Simplicity Seekers

Spontaneous and unpredictable, these ‘go with the flow’ types are not always driven by rational arguments and generally make decisions based on their emotional and physical needs. Individuals in this archetype enjoy simple solutions to complex problems and are not motivated by perfectionism. These consumers are unlikely to be technically minded, rather seeking expert support to address issues that arise. Preferring open and adaptable schedules, they are likely to view planning in advance as constraining.

Archetype Affinity:

Customers who belong to the Open Simplicity Seeker Archetype are quick to buy and try things that they see advertised online, but they often do not make the best long-term or most loyal buyers. They are likely to be motivated to equally try a competitors’ product as your own and so it is a matter of getting the message out to them first.

Reliable Plan Makers

Analytical, balanced, and independent, these achievement-driven schedule lovers orchestrate life through well thought out equations. Individuals in this archetype love budgets and book vacations months or years in advance. In addition to preferences for systems, organization, and reliability, these consumers are diligent and self-confident in their abilities to carry out plans to achieve goals. Reliability, habit, and strict discipline are important to them, verging on the lifestyle of workaholics. Likely to be upset when schedules change, there must be ample logical reasoning to convince these consumers to alter the course of their planning. However, once convinced of rationality behind a change, new plans can be drawn up with detail at a quick pace. They take responsibility for their actions and have a strong sense of duty.

Archetype Affinity:

Customers who belong to Reliable Plan Maker Archetype are ideal customers for financial services products such as life and auto insurance brands as well as for efficient subscription brands. These customers can be difficult to initially win over especially online, however they tend to be the most loyal on the longer term.

Reactive Security Seekers

Easily worried and frequently stressed, these spontaneous uncertainty- avoiders may express their self-interest more than others due to easily feeling anxious or at risk. These worries can inhibit these consumers’ social cohesion and generosity, as they seek to find ways to bring security and safety into life. Individuals in this archetype are also less likely to plan ahead and approach uncertainty rationally, perhaps contributing to the strong reactions they experience from perceived threats. They can be less confident than others and also in ‘blue’ moods, making these people keen for experiences that lift spirits and provide safe environments.

Archetype Affinity:

Customers who belong to the Reactive Security Seeker Archetype are most likely to engage with security products, antivirus and identity protection software, as well as respond to timed offers and deals.

Traditional Comfort Seekers

Reserved and traditional, these quiet homemakers enjoy time alone spent on time-honored activities. When social events arise, consumers in this archetype prefer to limit the size of the group and invite only people they know well. These individuals are also less likely to be inclined toward abstract or philosophical questions, instead preferring established ways of doing things. They are unlikely to travel to exotic locales or great distances for unknown experiences. Often, these consumers engage in rhythms of life that have been passed down from their parents, inheriting tastes that could be described as ‘classic’. They view change with scepticism and find joy in historical roots.

Archetype Affinity:

Customers who belong to the Traditional Comfort Seeker Archetype are most likely to stay at home and enjoy products which have a longer track record and established reputation. They will engage with digital services and stream entertainment which they can enjoy from their homes.

Organized Social Contributors

Value driven and charitable, these generous humanists frequently offer to help others, easily agree to favors, and often seek to mediate conflict between others around them. While being good listeners, cooperative, and accommodating of others’ preferences, these consumers make plans and stick to them. Individuals in this archetype structure life around helping others, creating social cohesion, and commit to diligent personal goals that seek to organize for the benefit of the whole. Their selflessness is not indicative, however, of a passive approach to life. Rather, achievement is important to them. These consumers believe in their abilities to effectively realize their value driven ideas in the real world, whether family or globally focused.

Archetype Affinity:

Customers who belong to the Organized Social Contributor Archetype are motivated and engaged individuals with a higher propensity to engage with non-profit causes, charities, or services that support their families or the community they most identify with. For example sustainable, locally sourced or environmentally friendly products.

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