Dramatically Improve Your ROAS in 3 Simple Steps

Generate and Predict Winning Ad Creatives

Let the Genus AI Growth Platform analyze every pixel and object of ad content (video or images),  generate impactful content pieces, predict which ones perform best, score them and enable you to use it for enhanced performance ads.

Predict and Model Target Audiences

Leverage Genus AI technology to get the most out of your customer data.

Once imported, your customer data gets enriched with thousands of data points and modeled to create lookalike audiences that meet your business goals (e.g. higher LTV or reduced client churn).

Client profile archetypes are attributed to your customer data to help you craft stories that are unique to your customers.

Match Audiences with Winning Ad Creatives

Match the highest scoring content to customized audiences defined and modeled by Genus AI to help you exceed your CTR, AOV, ROAS and LTV targets on social media.

Control All Ad Campaigns and Run Reports via a Single Dashboard

The Genus AI Growth Platform allows you to review audience modelling outcomes, analyze your creative content effectiveness, manage your ad campaign performance and run reports – all in a single dashboard. The dashboard is fully integrated with social media platforms for frictionless ad campaign management.

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