Privacy & Security

Internal & Product Security

We take extra measures to help you manage your customer data on the Genus AI Platform securely.

Your data in-transit is secured with TLS and all data at-rest in S3 buckets is stored with eleven nines of durability and encrypted with AES-256. We also utilize AWS Key Management Service to handle encryption key management and rotation.

All our projects go through mandatory code reviews and analysis which are conducted by all engineers as a part of the development process. All employees who have access to the codebase have 2-Factor Authentication enforced on their accounts. All changes to infrastructure are done through code repository changes. We also train our employees on the latest security and privacy practices.

Please consult the Genus AI Data & Security FAQ for more details


Genus AI is committed to your privacy and takes it seriously.

We collect and use information about you for a variety of reasons such as if you use one of our website(s) or online services, purchase or receive one of our services, are identified as a potential customer, work with us as a business partner, or apply for employment with Genus AI. We may use your personal information for the purpose it was collected and will not use it for a different purpose without first asking for your permission.

Please consult the Genus AI Privacy Notice to learn more about how we collect, manage and use your personal information  more details

The Genus AI’s Guiding Principles on Accountable AI

Artificial Intelligence and advanced analytics bring both exciting business opportunities and important societal benefits, but at the same time the technology comes with great responsibility to maintain its transparency and trust.

We at Genus AI understand that and commit to developing technology that is ethical and deeply rooted in the fundamental human rights.

Being responsible for the world’s first and only Customer Modeling Platform, we at Genus AI acknowledge the fact that there are not many industry-wide standards for us to follow. However, this does not diminish our commitment to AI’s transparency and accountability.

The below listed Guiding Principles on Accountable AI serve as an AI Ethics Policy direction for us at Genus AI. Where possible, we provide practical examples of how we are implementing them in our daily operations.

Human Oversight and System Transparency

A machine cannot be in full control of the decision-making processes at any given time. Therefore, there should always be human oversight, which ensures that humans are always able to override a decision made by the system.

We enforce the principle by limiting our platform’s AI functionality to tasks focused around data analytics and the generation of behavioral predictions as well as suggestions for marketing content optimization.

The system’s operations are ensured by routine involvement and checks carried out by experienced data scientists and developers. AI is never involved in the actual dissemination of consumer-facing content – that is the sole responsibility of our and clients’ campaign managers.

To ensure AI’s transparency, which is paramount to ensuring that AI is not biased, we document the data sets and processes that are used and make them traceable. Moreover, the Genus AI Platform and related human decisions are subject to the principle of explainability, according to which it is possible for them to be understood and traced by humans.

Technical Robustness and Safety

Trustworthy AI requires algorithms to be secure, reliable and robust enough to deal with errors or inconsistencies during all life-cycle phases of the AI system.

This is all about cybersecurity. In practice, we take all vulnerabilities into account when building and maintaining the Genus AI Platform – this includes testing the AI system to understand and mitigate the risks of cyber-attacks and hacking. Please refer to our Security Policy for further details on our security processes.

Privacy and Data Protection

Privacy and personal data have to be protected both when building and when running the AI system. When developing the Genus AI Platform, we apply design techniques and mechanisms that help us guarantee privacy and data protection. We also make every effort to ensure the quality of the data to avoid constructed bias, inaccuracies, errors and mistakes. Please refer to our Privacy Notice for more details on how we manage privacy and data protection.

Keeping Strict about these principles

As the technology is evolving, the ethics governing it might need to be adapted. Once we notice the need for amendments to these principles, we will add them transparently, without making changes to anything that is already set.