The Individualization Powerhouse: Segment + Genus AI

About Segment

Segment is a Customer Data Platform that collects, stores, and routes their clients’ customer data to hundreds of tools with the flick of a switch. Businesses use Segment to optimize their marketing, product and engineering data management and its integration with third party service providers.

Thrive on Individualization:

Realtime Customer Archetyping

Marketers use Genus AI Customer Archetypes to drive emotionally intelligent insights into their customer data integrated on Segment. This enables them to:
  • Understand people and how to communicate with them, allowing them to conduct innovative and more effective customer outreach
  • Discover unique customer archetypes by leveraging the combined knowledge from neuroscience, psychology of language and ML

Cross-channel Content Optimization

Brands rely on the Genus AI Content Scoring capability and its integration with Segment to develop and deploy the best performing creative across channels. They are able to:
  • Score any type of digital content (from a banner to a video) and get insights into the effectiveness of their marketing content and creatives
  • Deploy the best-performing assets across channels seamlessly, thus avoiding any possible delays and human errors

AI-powered Marketing Strategy

Data integration between the Genus AI Customer Modeling Platform and Segment enables marketers to base their decision-making on AI-generated insights that:
  • Power the full marketing mix by Machine Learning algorithms and deploy the tech capability in realtime
  • Enable swift and in-depth analysis of the campaign performance and make it possible to deploy unified tactical adjustments in seconds
Segment and Genus AI: the Individualization Powerhouse
Segment and Genus AI: the Individualization Powerhouse

Genus AI is the world’s first no-coding Customer Modeling Platform for emotional intelligence used by brands to optimize acquisition, engagement and retention in a completely new and authentic way with its extensive customer data enrichment, no-coding Customer Modeling, Customer Archetyping and automatic content scoring for emotionally intelligent storytelling at scale.