Enabling Emotional Intelligence on Shopify Stores

About Shopify

Shopify is an all-inclusive online selling platform that allows brands to sell both online with their own websites and/or in person with Shopify POS. This e-commerce website builder has features for everyone from beginners to e-commerce experts and serves the needs of more than a million businesses from all around the world.

Genus AI
helps Shopify Merchants with:

Enriching Customer Data

Shopify Merchants use the Genus AI Customer Modeling Platform to bring in thousands of in-depth data points about each of their customers. Such data enrichment capability enables them to:
  • Contextualize their customer behavior and uncover previously unknown features and relationships
  • Unlock emotionally intelligent content and image design guidelines by leveraging Genus AI Archetypes

Tag Mapping & Optimization

The Genus AI Customer Modeling Platform maps all the customer, product, transfer, order and content tags used by Shopify Merchants and optimize them for further data modeling to:
  • Discover the behavioral traits shared by hundreds of different client segments (i.e. highest LTV or top performing Category buyers, etc.)
  • Predict the future behavior of their customers, thus managing their retention

Generating Lookalikes

The Genus AI Customer Modeling Platform benefits Shopify Merchants by optimizing their acquisition campaigns leveraging AI-generated lookalike audiences, which
  • Are based on historically top-performing customer segments
  • Can be created based on unique behavioral traitsĀ 
  • Results in higher LTV and ROAS
Genus AI adds Artificial Intelligence Capabilities to Shopify Stores
Genus AI adds Artificial Intelligence Capabilities to Shopify Stores

Genus AI is the world’s first no-coding Customer Modeling Platform for emotional intelligence used by brands to optimize acquisition, engagement and retention in a completely new and authentic way with its extensive customer data enrichment, no-coding Customer Modeling, Customer Archetyping and automatic content scoring for emotionally intelligent storytelling at scale.