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The Genus AI Growth Platform helps companies understand the drivers behind most desirable historic customer behaviors and, as a result, allows them to optimize their customer acquisition by targeting more loyal and higher-time-value customers

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Increase Engagement

Your customers have individual preferences for your content - Genus AI helps you understand those preferences which in turn results in increased CTR and drives increased ROAS.

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Genus AI’s proprietary Archetypes are your company’s window into the future: use them to predict your customer preferences, lifetime value and churn and leverage these insights to enhance your customer experience

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Company Profile: an E-Commerce platform

The world’s leading online marketplace for fine art, antiques and collectibles, used by auction houses, galleries and dealers to deepen relationships with millions of clients around the world, connecting people with the things they love. The client’s marketplace is used by more than 4 thousand sellers and more than 3 million visitors every month.

LTV model lift
increase in AOV
increase in value generated


The client was interested in identifying the underperforming high LTV customers and engaging them in an emotionally intelligent way. Due to the complexity of the offering, regular engagement left room for optimization especially regarding driving higher AOV from engagement efforts.


The client used the Genus AI Growth Platform to build emotionally intelligent LTV and AOV models helping to identify underperforming existing customer audiences for direct engagement. Unique dominant Communication Archetypes emerged allowing for customizing text and images used in the engagement.

The client’s marketing team optimized their email campaigns by delivering adjusted content and messaging to the underperforming LTV customer segment. This resulted in 131% increase in open rates, 161% increase in bidders and 167% increase in AOV. This led to an increase of 270% in the value generated by the emotionally intelligent engagement campaigns.

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