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Genus AI’s proprietary Archetypes are your company’s window into the future: use them to predict your customer preferences, lifetime value and churn and leverage these insights to enhance your customer experience

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Company Profile: Meal-kit service

A market leading meal-kit subscription service in the US, whose weekly boxes contain ingredients and also include suggested recipes that must be cooked by hand by the customer using the pre-ordered ingredients.

model lift
model accuracy
hour scoring


The client CRM team was interested in predicting customer churn in the first four weeks of customer tenure. Existing cohort level analysis did not allow for individual level scoring and subsequent downstream marketing automation.


The client used the Genus AI Growth Platform to build emotionally intelligent churn models identifying customers with a higher risk of stopping to use the service in the next 4 weeks.

The models included insights into the initial orders as well as individual level emotional intelligence by the Genus AI Growth Platform showing 170% lift and 76% model accuracy. Campaigns and incentives intended for high-likelihood churn customers were able to rely on scores updated every 24 hours for the entire customer base.

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