Enabling Emotional Intelligence on WooCommerce Stores

About WooCommerce

WooCommerce is an open-source e-commerce platform build on WordPress. The platform is popular among e-commerce businesses due to its plugin ecosystem which enables many options to customize and expand an e-commerce store.

Genus AI
helps WooCommerce users with:

Customer Data

Brands on WooCommerce use the Genus AI Customer Modeling Platform to bring in thousands of in-depth data points about each of their customers. Such data enrichment capability enables them to:

  • Contextualize their customer behavior and uncover previously unknown features and relationships
  • Unlock emotionally intelligent content and image design guidelines by leveraging Genus AI Archetypes

Tag Mapping & Optimization

The Genus AI Customer Modeling Platform maps all the customer, product, transfer, order and content tags used by businesses on WooCommerce and optimize them for further data modeling to:

  • Discover the behavioral traits shared by hundreds of different client segments (i.e. highest LTV or top performing Category buyers, etc.)
  • Predict the future behavior of their customers, thus managing their retention

Generating Lookalikes

The Genus AI Customer Modeling Platform benefits WooCommerce users by optimizing their acquisition campaigns leveraging AI-generated lookalike audiences, which

  • Are based on historically top-performing customer segments
  • Can be created based on unique behavioral traitsĀ 
  • Results in higher LTV and ROAS
Genus AI adds Artificial Intelligence Capabilities to Shopify Stores

Genus AI is the world’s first no-coding Customer Modeling Platform for emotional intelligence used by brands to optimize acquisition, engagement and retention in a completely new and authentic way with its extensive customer data enrichment, no-coding Customer Modeling, Customer Archetyping and automatic content scoring for emotionally intelligent storytelling at scale.