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Increased Return On Ad Spend (ROAS) with Optimized Audiences


Decreased Cost Per Acquisition by 24% using Genus AI modeled target audiences
Increased Return On Ad Spend by 1.6x as a result of optimized campaigns
‘Our digital marketing ramp-up, which included extensive use of the Genus AI Growth Platform, during the pandemic has led to the company’s best ever non-holiday month in terms of conversions’.

Matched Winning Content to Customer Archetypes


Increased Return On Ad Spend by 300%, using Genus AI modeled audiences
Optimized conversions using content and audience matching
‘ Genus AI developed a way to use artificial intelligence to segment customers by personality types, and to predict the content that will be most relevant to that segment of customers. We’re working with them now and it is delivering the highest ROAS of any campaign we’ve run in the last three months.’.

Decreased Cost Per Acquisition (CPA) by Scoring Instagram Creatives

2.1x Return On Ad Spend increase, using social media content generation and scoring modules
Cost Per Acquisition decreased by 35%, using content and audience matching


‘Doubling our ROAS just by being able to identify the best performing ad creatives out of thousands of use-generated content pieces is a tremendous success for us. With Genus AI we are able to achieve better campaign performance, quicker.

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