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The Platform 

It’s not data that counts. It’s what that data tells you.

When customer acquisition and retention is central to your company’s operation, data is your most valuable asset. But traditional demographics only take you so far. It’s not enough to know who your customers are, you need to know how they behave and why.

Genus AI provides that most precious of commodities: insight. We do this by means of a next-generation artificial intelligence platform rooted in neuroscience and behavioural psychology. Implemented by means of advanced algorithms, the information we unlock is based around personality traits – the true marker of consumer behavior. Genus AI lets you understand what motivates people, how they make decisions, why they purchase certain things as opposed to others, and how they use and engage with brands and products.

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Genus AI Archetypes



The Genus AI platform works by combining knowledge from neuroscience, psychology of language, and machine-learning research. Integrating rich data sources and applying artificial intelligence algorithms, it provides you with an enhanced understanding of people and how to communicate with them. We call these Communications Archetypes.

Far removed from generic segmentation based on race, gender, and age, our Archetypes cut across boundaries. It lets your marketing and data science teams perform to their full potential, lets you innovate and evolve your consumer outreach, and importantly, lets you gain an edge on your competitors.

Engage more effectively with existing customers

By integrating the Genus AI platform with your existing CRM system, you can talk to your customer database in a natural, intuitive, and emotionally intelligent way. The first-of-a-kind insights that Genus AI provides lets you supercharge your internal segmentation, predictive modelling and analytics, and tailor your message content to resonate with individual customers. You’re armed with a personal approach that both inspires and gets results.

Acquire new, valuable customers

Genus AI lets you find and convert new audiences. How? By taking existing customers and finding new ones that match them. We use artificial intelligence to find customers who are similar to your ideal customer based on personality, past behavior, demographics and geography.

Custom Insights & Predictive Models

Genus AI’s platform can create custom insights focusing on your specific business challenges. Whether it may be increasing customer loyalty, engagement, and satisfaction, with individualized product recommendations or offers or finding a solution for reducing customer churn. Personality plays a key role in consumer behavior and by including this key ingredient in building custom models we are able to unlock opportunities for increasing ROI.


The Team

We are a team of data scientists, engineers, and marketing experts passionate about building a world where every interaction between companies and their customers is informed by AI.