Scale Your Growth with Human-Level Emotional Intelligence

Why choose Genus AI?

Optimize Growth

Understand what drives your most desirable customer behaviors and optimize customer acquisition to find the most loyal and highest life-time-value customers.

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Increase Engagement

By engaging with your existing customers in an emotionally intelligent way you can/will generate more value and improve customer experience in a competitive market.

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Manage Retention

Identify the customers most at risk of attrition and those customers who have not yet lived up to their full potential. Help them to engage with your brand.

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Scale Your Growth in 5 Simple Steps

Step 1

Connect Your Customer Data

All we need is a single customer data export from your CRM or CDP to
start working.

Connect your business critical data such as LTV, Number of Orders, Activity Status, Channel Origin and many more to the Genus AI Growth Platform and start using our automated machine learning capabilities.

Step 2

Enrich Your Customer Data

Our platform automatically enriches your customer data with thousands of in-depth external data points ranging from demographics, household structure, financial, interests and hobbies to many more.

This allows you to contextualize your customer behavior with rich external data and uncover previously unknown features and relationships.

Step 3

Archetype Your Customers

Automatically score your customers with pre-built predictive models rooted in the most recent advancements in the fields of neuroscience, personality psychology and behavioral economics. The platform automatically assigns Genus AI’s Archetypes to your customers to unlock emotionally intelligent content and image design guidelines.

Step 4

Model Your Customers

With a single click of a button, Genus AI’s automated machine learning starts analyzing your historic customer data and builds hundreds of predictive models within minutes choosing the top performing models for your immediate use.

Emotionally intelligent machine learning models are immediately benchmarked using historic data giving a glimpse into their potential business value.

Step 5

Deploy Emotional Intelligence

Matching content to audiences defined by Genus AI models and Archetypes has never been easier. You can upload your existing image and video content to automatically match it to your top performing customer Archetypes.

Create new content following our creative guidelines to craft emotionally intelligent storytelling that resonates with each customer segment. Make your acquisition, engagement and retention campaigns emotionally intelligent.

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