Ad World’21: Unlock Your Ultimate Creativity with AI & Turbocharge Your Growth

In this insightful session, Dr. Tadas Jucikas will teach you how to use predictive AI performance (AA, CTR, CPA) to boost your growth. He’ll introduce you to the high-performance ad video generation and give you practical steps to leverage AI on today’s market.

Tadas Jucikas is a Founder and CEO of Genus AI, an Artificial Intelligence company focused on helping consumer brands to double the efficiency of their customer acquisition via paid social channels using novel ML technologies that allow predictive content generation, campaign modeling and customer archetyping.

He has completed his PhD in Computational Neuroscience at the University of Cambridge with publications in the world’s top scientific journals. Currently, Tadas is based in San Francisco, California focusing on bringing the most recent advancements in Artificial Intelligence to high performance growth and marketing teams around the world.

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