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Let Genus AI Growth Marketing Platform analyze every pixel and object of your ad visuals (video or images)

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Launch A/B testing campaigns with top scored ad visuals. Observe increased customer engagement and conversion rates.

How Our Clients Succeed

Being able to identify high-performing ad visuals before launching Facebook and Instagram campaigns leads to tremendous success. Here's what our clients have to say.

Kelly Arduz


Vice President Marketing

Our digital marketing ramp-up, which included an extensive use of the Genus AI Growth Platform, during the pandemic has led to the company’s best ever non-holiday month in terms of conversions

ROAS increase
CPA decrease

Mike Zapata

CLIQ Products


Genus AI developed a way to use artificial intelligence to segment customers by personality types, and to predict the content that will be most relevant to that segment of customers. We’re working with them now and it is delivering the highest ROAS of any campaign we’ve run in the last three months.

ROAS increase

Colin Roth


Head of Performance Marketing

We were able to reduce our customer acquisition costs by a third in two months and accelerate the content creation cycle by using Genus AI generated videos. We are now able to deliver new content faster and have much reduced operational complexity when creating new videos.

CPA decrease

Mike Abadi

Sunday Citizen


We are very happy about the consistency, which really stands out when you look at the Genus AI-powered campaigns. All of them exceeded 3x ROAS at a very similar CPA, which is never the case when we run various tests ourselves or use other AI marketing solutions.

ROAS increase
CPA decrease

Ryan Sandrew

Hunt a Killer

Director of Customer Acquisition

Doubling our ROAS just by being able to identify the best performing ad creatives out of thousands of user-generated content pieces is a tremendous success for us. With Genus AI, we are able to achieve better campaign performance, quicker.

ROAS increase
CPA decrease

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