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Genus AI Communication Archetypes

Communication Archetypes cut across the boundaries of traditional segmentation based on race, gender or age, because they combine knowledge from neuroscience, psychology of language and machine learning research.

In practical terms, Communication Archetypes benefit marketers by providing enhanced understanding of people and how to communicate with them, and allowing them to conduct innovative audience segmentation and more effective lookalike targeting.

Open Simplicity Seekers
Experimental Fun Seekers
Organized Social Contributors
Traditional Comfort Seekers
Reactive Security Seekers
Reliable Plan Makers

Open Simplicity Seekers

Spontaneous and unpredictable, these ‘go with the flow’ types are not always driven by rational arguments and generally make decisions based on their emotional and physical needs. Individuals in this archetype enjoy simple solutions to complex problems and are not motivated by perfectionism. These consumers are unlikely to be technically minded, rather seeking expert support to address issues that arise. Preferring open and adaptable schedules, they are likely to view planning in advance as constraining.

Experimental Fun Seekers

High in energy and positivity, as well as being eager to explore, these social animals are unlikely to be found anywhere sedate. Consumers in this archetype are attracted to beauty, intellectual stimulation, and social activities equally. These individuals believe in a well-rounded life, mixing experiences from a variety of areas and always looking for opportunities to share those experiences with others. They approach life with assertiveness, creativity, and confidence, never shying away and rarely trading new experiences for habit.