AI Marketing Technology is Changing How Brands Are Producing Video Ads, Using Predictive Analytics

Video is the fastest-growing ad format, currently amounting to 35% of all digital ad spend, yet for brands and digital agencies it is the most expensive to produce and test. Artificial Intelligence is disrupting how brands are creating video ads enabling them to scale video production and predict its performance before the ad is launched live.

It comes as no surprise that the video advertising market is forecasted to double in size reaching almost $150 billion in volume by 2025. With current yearly growth of nearly 30% YoY ($60 billion total), brands are still struggling to consistently deliver high performance video ads. 

Companies such as Facebook, Apple and Adobe provide tools to aid in video creation and editing, but these tools do not address the ad performance challenge, let alone scalability issue. eCommerce businesses, D2C brands and digital agencies are investing increasingly more resources in their quest to produce videos based on data rather than subjective creative choices. Despite careful curation of video content, businesses are left grappling with the evergreen challenge of producing video ads at scale and making data driven decisions about which video assets will actually deliver solid ad performance. 

Companies, such as Genus AI employ artificial intelligence tech to help brands solve this challenge. Their proprietary deep neural network architecture evaluates every component of image or video assets, scores product clips, photoshoots, user-generated content (UGC), and testimonials. Its AI is trained on millions of live ads to predict the ones that are most likely to convert. Such technology enables brands to cut the production, data analysis, and A/B testing costs sizeably, facilitating businesses to produce video ads that perform. 

Brands use such technology to ensure their creative teams have a quantitative tool to generate AI-powered video ads that actually perform.

“Artificial Intelligence marketing solutions make a real difference. We are very happy about the consistency, which really stands out when you look at the Genus AI-powered campaigns. All of them exceed ROAS targets at a very similar CPA, which is never the case when we run various tests ourselves. Being able to achieve this with a small team is a game-changer for us,” shared Mike Abadi, Co-Founder, and CEO of Sunday Citizen.

“It is about time that businesses which normally would not be able to afford professional data analysis teams or large creative resources are able to really make an impact,” Dr. Jucikas concludes.

The users of Genus AI are observing results of up to 3 times improved Return On Investment (ROI) and up to 25% Cost Per Action (CPA) decrease on their Facebook and Instagram ads.

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